So I’ve decided to make this tumblr as my blogging stuff. I haven’t blogged in years and it was always a good way for me to just get stuff off my mind and such.
Most if not all my entries will all be from my iPhone. Which isn’t a problem.
Just like having a place where no one can judge me for whats on my mind and if they do judge me, well fuck you kindly. :)
Another way for me to get my mind off things is playing video games. I’m a huge gamer. Most of my time is spent playing games. Helps me so much from getting down and whatnot.
I suffer from depression really bad and not everyone understands it, not even my own family. But I do have huge support from my girlfriend. Even though most of then time we have our low points, but we’re doing much better now.
Not sure what else to say, thats all for now.